Offline Activities

Ditch the computer, tablet and console and have a go at some of these activities:

  • Mud medallion:  Using some mud or clay, shape and stick stones or leaves to create a design.

  • Tree Person:  Use some mud or clay and natural resources to create
    a tree person.

  • Learning a song the old-fashioned way by listening hard and writing
    what you hear.

  • Using verbs to make a dance routine.

  • Inventing a dish and writing the recipe.

  • Holding a tea party for family members and practising English

  • Making a poster for what you are going to do when all of this is over (and practising future tense).

  • Make some cakes and decorate in different ways.

  • Create a obstacle course.

  • Build a den (inside or out) and sleep in it for a night.

  • Invent a new board game (and play it!).

  • Write a letter by hand for a relative or friend and post it.

  • Make clothes from recycled rubbish and hold a fashion show.

  • Create a musical instrument a compose a song.


Family Games Ideas

Laughing game
All players sit in a circle and each player takes it in turns to say 'Ha', 'Ho' or 'Hee'. The first player to start laughing loses and is out of the game. Continue until everyone is out of the game – the person who manages not to laugh for the longest is the winner.

One player acts out a word or phrase often by miming similar-sounding words, and the other players guess the word or phrase. The idea is to use signs and not words to convey the meaning.

Blindman's Bluff
One person is blindfolded, and all other guests scatter around the room. When the blindfolded person catches someone, they have to tell who it is they have captured or the prisoner is freed and the blindman must continue their pursuit until they can identify the person caught. The blindfold then changes hands.

You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile
One person is selected to be ‘it’ and that person is the only one in the group who is allowed to smile. They can do anything to try and get someone else to smile and if they succeed, they become ‘it.’ The person who never smiles is declared the winner.

Ho, Ho, ho
One player stands in the middle with a handkerchief. As they drop the handkerchief to the floor, everyone must laugh. They must stop laughing as soon as the cloth hits the floor. Anyone who doesn't laugh the whole time the handkerchief is falling or continues to laugh after it ends is out. The last person remaining wins the prize.

Shadow buff
Hang a sheet across the room, put a single candle on a table behind it and turn out the lights. One person sits in front of the sheet while everyone else passes between the sheet and the candle, and the person in front has to guess who each of them is. The shadows can disguise themselves in any way they want to, but if they are correctly identified they have to pay a forfeit.

Have fun inventing some homemade forfeits to dish out as penalties to the losers – for example the loser has to fetch snacks for everyone else, kiss the hands of all the ladies in the house or be everyone’s servant for the rest of the day.

Pass the Slipper
Make a circle with one person standing in the centre with their eyes shut. The members of the family forming the circle pass a slipper around behind their backs, then the person in the middle has to open their eyes and try to guess who has the slipper.

20 Questions
Players have 20 questions to guess the object that the ‘answerer’ has chosen, but they can only answer 'Yes' or 'No.'

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