Parent Questionnaire Results


17. In your opinion, what are the best things about Roe Farm Primary School?

·       Friendly staff

·       Sense of community

·       Teachers

·       Lessons

·       Reception staff welcoming

·       Teachers friendly

·       Big family, friendly and close

·       Friendly staff and happy to discuss issues

·       My children enjoy coming to school.

·       Staff able to deal with child's issue unlike previous school.

·       Swimming lessons last longer than other schools.

·       It’s a really good school and the staff are really nice.

·       The dojo app

·       Everything at the school is great

·       Well communicated

·       Happy school

·       Great progress for my child

·       The help both my sons get

·       Brilliant teachers that really care about pupils and want them to succeed.

·       Staff are very welcoming and easy to talk to.

·       The children are nice and polite when you talk to them

·       Lots of school trips that are educational.

·       Very impressed with the school.

·       The caretaker

·       The food

·       The office

·       Communication is amazing.

·       Teachers are always approachable.

·       Support with speech

·       Very nice teachers, friendly staff, easy to talk to


18.  Is there anything in particular that you would change about the school?

·       More activities needed.

·       Not getting long enough to eat lunch

·       Not enough tickets for plays - siblings in same team

·       How bullying is dealt with

·       More after school clubs

·       More TAs in classes

·       Maths homework

·       Dinners cooked on site.

·       No, everything is fine.

·       Make it warmer.

·       Smaller classes

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