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Supporting at Home

How can YOU help...

It is important your child understands what they have read and can talk about it to

support progress in school. Below are some questions to ask when hearing your child read.


· Read newspaper, comics books, internet as often as you can

· Take your reading book home

· What do you think happens in the book?

· How did the characters feel and act?

· How does the author use smart words to affect you?

· Can you identify and record some of these examples?

· How did your prediction of the story compare to what you read?

· If it is a Non - Fiction text can you write down 5 things you found out?


Your children use these prompts when reading or writing.

Ask your child about them and hear how they are used in school.

Useful websites...

We are regularly asked about websites that parents can direct their children to in order to aid their learning.  We can not be responsible for any content on others’ websites but we have found the following to be useful:


If you find a website that you think is good, let us know so we can share it with
other families. 


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