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Design Technology

Coordinator: Mrs Evans / Miss Millward 

"Technology makes possibilities. Design makes solutions." – John Maeda

At Roe Farm Primary School, we understand the importance of providing a quality and diverse Design Technology curriculum.  The location of our school means that our pupils have the opportunity for progression into some of the world's largest engineering corporations.  Derbyshire is seen as the birth place of the industrial revolution and this innovative engineering heritage continues to thrive.

In Design Technology we aim to:

  • Prepare pupils to participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies.

  • Provide opportunities for all the children to design and make quality products.

  • Provide children with the opportunity to explore food and cooking techniques along with healthy eating and environmental issues within food production.

  • Develop design and making skills, knowledge and understanding to the best of each child’s ability; using and selecting a range of tool, materials and components.

  • Become creative problem solvers as individuals and members of a team.

  • Be able to use ICT in conjunction with the Designing and Making process.

  • Develop an ability to criticise constructively and evaluate their own products and those of others.

  • Help the children develop an understanding of the ways people in the past and present have used design to meet their needs. To reflect on and evaluate such techniques, its uses and effects.

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