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If you would like to visit the school before requesting a placement for your child with the Local Authority Admissions Team, please make an appointment with the office, who will be happy to show you around.


Names are accepted for our Nursery waiting list from when a child is born. Children are offered places in the Nursery Class for either two and a half days (15 hours) or 5 full days (30 hours) in the school term following their 3rd birthday.

Please click here for an online nursery application or alternatively contact the school office

Reception Class

Children are eligible for entry into the Reception class in September of the school year in which they are 5 years old.  A meeting for all parents offered places by the admissions team is held at the school in June/July, prior to admission in September. If your child attends our Nursery, you will automatically receive an application pack from the admissions team when the admission process commences.

If you do not currently attend our nursery, please apply through the Derby City Admissions by clicking here.  The deadline for applications is usually just after the new year.

Secondary Transition

Pupils entering year 6 will automatically receive an application pack from the Education Service requesting your secondary school preference application form.  Pupils from Roe Farm generally feed into da Vinci Academy or Lees Brook, however sometimes pupils will attend Landau Forte, West Park or other secondary schools.  The application deadline for Year 6 pupils applying for secondary school is usually the end of October with places confirmed at the start of March.

An Admissions Handbook produced by Derby City Council outlining the admissions procedure is available on the Derby City Council Website.


In-year Applications

All reception class and in-year admissions are dealt with centrally via Derby City Council. 

If you want to apply for a school place you can:

Once the school is informed by the Local Authority of the offer of a placement, we will then contact you to arrange a start date.

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